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Related article: Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 22:02:55 young model forums -0300 From: Danny Oliver Subject: Changes 4Warning:This is a work of fiction. This is not based in real facts in any way. This story may portray sexual acts between a man and a minor boy. If that subject offends you or if you underage just stop reading it. If you are looking for a story with sex descriptions every paragraph, this one is not what you're looking for.The author copyrights this story. You may place it in any appropriate archive or website as long as they are free of charge. Please, do not alter the story in any way.I hope you appreciate my efforts in writing this story. I am not a native speaker of English so I apologize for any mistakes.I'd like to thank everyone who took time to write to me about the story. Your support is very important. Thank you so much, guys.Any comments are very welcome at Flames will be ignored.Foreword:This story is dedicated to Teglin, model sex fuk who encouraged me to write. Check out his beautiful stories "Three Weeks To Heaven" and "Why Not Me".Changes By Danny Oliver Chapter Four:I slowly opened my eyes and began to recover my senses. I looked for the boy that I presumed was on my arms but he was gone now. I was confused. Have I been dreaming?"Morning."The marvelous voice again. He was here. I turned and he was standing next to the bed smiling. I was relieved. I smiled back."Morning Spence. Did you sleep well?""Yep. Very well."He looked happy. That made me happy too. I wanted that boy to be fine. I wanted to protect him from any possible harm. Why was I feeling that way? When I saw him for the first time he had tears in his eyes, and looked very sad and frightened. Now he was smiling and had just slept with me in my bed. No one had ever slept in my bed but me and me only. I realized that I was really starting to like that boy. Hmmm... maybe 'like' isn't the right word. I think I'm starting to..."Tony, are you ok?" he asked a little bemused.Back to Earth again."Y-Yes.""You were just staring at me. I thought something might be wrong," He added."Nothing's wrong sweetie," I reassured him smiling whilst I sat on the bed."Now, come here."I opened my arms and he just leapt right into them. Oh, to have him in my arms again. I just loved to feel his body against mine. I looked in his beautiful blue eyes. He was staring back at me now, our faces very close now."Spencer," I started loosing control of what I was saying, "You're beautiful," I said unable to hide my feelings.He blushed a little, smiled sheepishly and replied still looking at my eyes."You too."I thought my heart would cave in. I wanted to kiss him right away. All I had to do is move my head a few inches forward and our lips would definitely meet. I don't remember my being so happy in my entire life. To hear a compliment from him! He didn't know how much it meant to me. I am not bad looking, I guess. I'm in good shape and have dark hair and eyes besides my natural Italian tanned skin. I couldn't help it any longer. I started moving my head forward. I needed to kiss him. I needed to feel his lips pressed against mine. I closed my eyes and...KNOCK - KNOCK - KNOCKSomeone was knocking the door. 'Just perfect' I thought. I moved my head back and opened my eyes. I could notice him opening his eyes too. His eyes were closed like mine when I was going to kiss him. He seemed to know what I was doing and it looked that he would like it. We exchanged smiles."Who's it?" I shouted somewhat disappointed, I don't know if Spencer noticed that."It's me," Vince said from outside."Come in."He opened the door and stepped into the room. Spencer was still in my lap, his arms around my neck. Vince looked at us and grinned mischievously."Well, well, how was the vladmodels vika party last night?"I didn't like that question and didn't answer it. It looked like Vincent thought that Spencer was some kind of whore for me to have sex with. It was absolutely not like that."What do you want?" I said somewhat upset with his 'joke'."Uh. I've got the files you requested about Mason Beal."He handed me a file with some papers on it."Look, Tony, uh. I'm sorry. I." Vince stuttered trying to apologize."It's ok, just leave us, would you?" I answered looking at the papers."Yes, sure."With that he left us. I gently pulled Spencer to my side so I could read the files. I wanted to know everything about that fucking parasite."Are you mad at him?" he asked."Who?""Vince, I think that's his name.""No, not really. He's a good man. You too can trust him.""I know why you're mad at him." he said"Really? I thought I said I wasn't mad at him.""You shouldn't be upset just because he asked if we had a party."And he continued."He just thought that we had... sex..." he grinned in swimwear models the last word."Well, I think he's got the wrong idea. See, your father thought I was going to rape you and then kill you, did you know that? He sold you to be hurt and killed. I... I just hate him so much.""I know, but what about Vince?""He thought that I purchased you, oh my god, listen to me PURCHASED YOU, like if you're on a grocery shelf or something." I sighed.I was really upset just remembering what Mason has done to his son. I was used to buy all kinds of things from different kinds preeten model of bastards, but a boy? To sell his own son? That was too low. Spencer put his pics of alenamodel warm soft hand in my shoulder."It's ok Tony," he said almost whispering."I was very frightened at the beginning when we entered your office yesterday, but now I'm. I'm happy he sold me, because thanks to that I could get to know you."I looked at him. He had the sweetest smile in his lips. Overwhelmed bikini model small by my feelings I put my arm around him and we snuggled closer. I finally said:"I'm happy I've met you too... I model yvette lopez think I... I... I love you, Spencer.""I love you too."There was no coming back now, Vince could've knocked the door, he could've entered the room, a nuclear bomb could've exploded over our heads and yet, it couldn't possibly have stopped us. We both moved our faces towards each other's and I closed my eyes. I could feel the pleasure of having his lips touching mine. They were so soft, warm, and a little moist. I was truly in heaven. It wasn't really a big kiss, but it was wonderful. The feeling of peace and happiness... the whole room seemed to disappear or get blurred. All I could see or feel was Spence. But hey, what the hell, why would I want more than that, anyway?We broke prfeteen models the kiss and looked into each other's eyes."I love you, Tony.""I love you too, sweetie."I caressed his soft hair, sliding down then to his eyebrows and gently touched his mouth. He smiled took asian tourists models my hand in his bringing it to his mouth and kissing it so tenderly. I couldn't believe it. Heaven couldn't prfeteen models be any better."Let me see what those papers say now." I said reaching for the folder Vince gave me. Spencer left my lap and moved himself beside me.Mason had a small liquor store. He closed three months ago. He's also a degenerated gambler, that's how he found me, through some friends that played on my tables. asian model schools You probably guessed by now how he has lost his store. I've learnt that he was 33."He always liked to play all those cards games and every time he would lose he'd beat me," Spence said looking at those papers. I held his hand in mine. He bikini model small continued."Sometimes when he'd win he would take good care of me. I never knew how his mood would be when he would get home," he looked a little sad now, and he was tightening his grip in my hand."What about your boy models underwear mother?" I asked, noticing that there was no such information in those papers."She died... s-she had some kind of rare cancer and died after three weeks in a hospital. I stayed with her all the time. My father almost never would show up."There were tears in his eyes now and he was choking to hold them back. I reached out and held him against my body, he sobbed heavily as I whispered calming words in his ear. We stayed like that for what seemed forever."My father died from cancer too. You'll get over it," I said trying to comfort him."Yeah."--More soon. Any comments positive or negative are welcome at Flames will be ignored.
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